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Quinton Township in NJ donates Radiant Wraps to Inspira’s Radiation Oncology Department!


Updated: November 13, 2017

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Radiant Wrap

Each year Quinton Township School holds a fundraiser. This year Brooke, a former student and parent (At Quinton Township School, Trenton, NJ) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I would like to share her story and how Radiant Wrap helped someone dear to my heart to have a better feeling about themselves during this terrifying time.

“I was diagnosed December 2015 with Stage 3b Breast Cancer. After 6 months of chemo and a double mastectomy, it was time for radiation treatments. I have found a lot of encouragement and inspiration through Instagram following the journeys of other young breast cancer patients/survivors. One person in particular is Meghan Z. Meghan was about a month ahead of me in her treatments and is very honest and such an inspiration to me. She wore a beautiful Radiant Wrap for her treatments and I immediately looked into their product. As much as I loved the wraps, I debated on spending the money to buy one. My husband told me multiple times I should, but I never did. That’s when Meghan decided to start the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Radiant Wrap.” She posted on Instagram asking for anyone interested to submit their name and tell her why you deserved to receive her Wrap. With the help of my family and friends, I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive her Wrap! I felt like I had won the lottery. I started treatments wearing the ugly blue hospital gowns and was about half way through before the Wrap arrived! I LOVED the Wrap! It really does make you feel much better about the treatments. It looks great and is so comfortable. It was embroidered with “Sisterhood of the Traveling Radiant Wrap” and we also embroidered it with our name, location and date of last treatment. I received so many compliments from the other patients and staff. I’m now finished my treatments and have continued the tradition by passing the wrap on to Alyssa from Massachusetts. She will actually be starting her treatments this week.”
Because of Brooke’s story I wanted to use our proceeds to help our local population. With Brooke’s assistance and support we are donating the Radiant Wraps to Inspira’s Radiation Oncology Department in Vineland, NJ. The wraps will be embroidered with an inspirational message on one sleeve and donated by Quinton Township School on the other. The warps will be given to the radiation department and given out as needed, but the patient will agree to return them when finished so the next person can use it. Once they have completed their treatment they will pass it on to the next person.
Warm Regards,
Bonnie Chappius, RN
Quinton Township School
Quinton, NJ