A Gift For Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy

We know firsthand facing cancer is a challenge. That’s why we created Radiant Wrap to help you look good and feel better during radiation therapy.

When a person we love starts radiation therapy, the usual idea for a gift is flowers. While we have nothing against flowers, there’s a better alternative!

Radiation therapy can be five days a week for up to six weeks. During that time, you or your loved one will see doctors, nurses and other patients all while wearing an exposing and oversized hospital gown.

Instead of losing your dignity to an uncomfortable and ugly gown, Radiant Wrap is designed so you feel comfortable, unique and feminine during treatment.

Flowers fade, but Radiant Wrap will keep you shining so the darkest days of radiation feel just a bit brighter.

Shop our collections give the perfect breast cancer gift for radiation treatment.



Is someone you know or love going through radiation? We understand how difficult battling cancer is. Losing your dignity by having to attend radiation treatments and Doctor appointments wearing a drab hospital gown does not help. That’s why we created the Radiant Wrap and Radiant Robe to help patients look & feel better during treatment.

You may not know how to help a loved one through this battle, but helping someone look good, will help them feel better, shop our collection below, to give a gift for breast cancer treatment.