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Stylish Alternative Gowns

for Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy


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Where Fashion meets Functionality

Specifically designed for easy access during treatment


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When you look good you feel better

An empowering alternative to the hospital gown


Our mission is to provide women undergoing breast cancer radiation therapy with an extra measure of Comfort, Dignity and Style.

For yourself or a loved one, Radiant Wrap makes a great gift for breast cancer radiation treatment.


“I’ll always believe that out of something bad something good is born, and that every dark cloud has a silver lining. I hope you enjoy your Radiant Wrap and that it makes your journey just bit brighter.”

Maria Lucas
Stage 4 Breast Cancer Fighter & Survivor / Co-Founder


Are you or a loved one starting radiation therapy?

Fighting cancer is hard enough, and you don’t need to further lose your dignity, identity and self-esteem by wearing an exposing and embarrassing hospital gown for up to six weeks of breast cancer radiation therapy.

We created the Radiant Wrap and Radiant Robe to help women fighting Breast, Lung and GI cancers to look & feel better during treatment.

While flowers fade, Radiant Wrap helps make treatment just a bit brighter. Please shop our collections below to give the perfect gift for breast cancer radiation treatment.






We all know the regular hospital gown. Ugly, uncomfortable and worst of all, your back and rear are exposed. Radiant Wrap is a chic and comfortable alternative that keeps you fully covered, while allowing for easy access during treatments. When you look good, you feel better!

  • Fashion meets Function. Radiant Wrap is designed specifically for breast cancer radiation therapy
  • Soft and soothing fabrics to help you feel more comfortable
  • Keep your back and rear fully covered allowing for dignity
  • Colorful and empowering prints to help keep your identity intact
  • Feel pretty so the focus can be on healing and not on your looks
  • Forget flowers! A breast cancer gift she can actually use during treatment
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day

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Radiant Wrap makes a great gift for breast cancer patients.


I am a 80 year old woman with breast cancer and taking radiation at Cotton O-Neil Cancer Center. I was so thrilled to receive a radiant wrap and it felt so great and comfortable. In fact I felt like a queen and makes it easier going to radiation every day looking “radiant” and looking so much better than wearing the one size fits all gown.”
Thank You for making these wraps. I got mine from Adventist Health/Sonora. It is so devastating to find out you have lung cancer and have to have radiation. These wraps are just a way of getting a big “radiation hug” and because I LOVE the colors it just gives me some peace and happiness…

My skin became sensitive to the cotton gowns in the latter part of treatment and the Radiant Wrap fabric was such a relief! It was soft and cooling. It soothed my itches and had a comfy loose fit. I even wore it around the house when everything else irritated my skin.

Just received the wrap, love love love it!!!!!!!!! I have salmon color pants to match along with the black, I will wear them a lot this summer (after treatment)
I didn’t want to look like just another patient to the staff and I made a point to wear headbands and lipstick hoping to stand out. But what really made the difference is when I started wearing my Radiant Wrap . Was it because I carried myself differently? Was it because I obviously looked different? I’d say both!

I recently received one of your wraps as a gift from The Cancer Center. I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductile carcinoma stage 2, triple negative breast cancer. Your wrap is not only amazing. It is the most comfortable wrap I have ever worn. It actually feels good against the horrible burn from the radiation. Thank you. On another note, my 14 year old grandaughter wants one. She loves the way it looks. I have 8 of 33 treatments to go. I wish I would have know about them sooner. Please know that I will be one of your biggest fans and will tell everyone I know about this product!


Thank you so much! ???? I’m looking for two people to pass my wraps on to (I have another wrap in blue) when I’ve finished treatment mid-October. So many people at the cancer center where I’m receiving my rads have commented on how pretty the wraps are. So much better than a hospital gown! ????


Good morning from snowy & cold (-19 Celsius this morning) Sarnia, Ontario Canada! I have worn my Radiant Wrap to 2 treatments now since receiving as a gift from a long-time friend. I LOVE IT and have received MANY compliments on the wrap from the Radiation Technologists as well as other clients of the London Regional Cancer Program at Victoria Hospital, London Ontario. If you are able, you really should make these available in Canada. I have had 12 treatments now, only 9 more to go and my Radiant Wrap makes me feel great going into the final stretch! Thank you.


I selected pink roses, my favorite. Each day when I go for my radiation therapy it makes me feel so much better than the cotton hospital gowns not cut to fit a smaller woman.

Not only beautiful and respectful, but the fabric actually makes me feel good.


Wanted to let you know we received our Radiant Wrap order. They are truly beautiful. I love the way they are packaged in their own pouches and just the extra care in wrapping them in tissue as well. We sold our first one yesterday and we have had so many people telling us how pretty they are. There are a lot of people who tell me they would just want to wear them for every day they think they’re so pretty. So thank you and I imagine I will be reordering soon!



Bring someone you love a little bit of joy,

A great gift for breast cancer patients.


Partnered with leading Cancer Centers and Hospitals worldwide, we offer wholesale discounted prices on all products. If you are interested in becoming a partner with Radiant Wrap please send us an inquiry below.