Fashionable gowns for breast cancer radiation treatments

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  • Makes a great gift for your loved one with Breast Cancer
  • Look beautiful and be comfortable
  • A flattering and stylish alternative to the hospital gown
  • Helping patients to feel confident, pretty and secure
  • Created by a Breast Cancer Survivor

For Yourself or Gift

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one,  Radiant Wrap makes the perfect gift for breast cancer treatment.

  • While cancer is ugly, you can stay beautiful. Designed to help women to feel confident and look like themselves.
  • Treatment is generally five days a week for six weeks. You don’t have to face this challenging journey in a regular hospital gown!

Hospitals and Cancer Centers

  • Improve the patient experience by providing an extra measure of wellness for the course of treatment.
  • Fashionable, and fully functional for radiation treatment
  • Radiant Wrap replaces the regular hospital gown, going above and beyond the typical standard of patient care.
  • Please inquire below.
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