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Cooking With Cancer- Herbs

By trwadmin | March 19, 2022 |

Fresh Herbs can help on our Cancer Journey! With summertime fast approaching- what better time to start your own herb garden? Not only is gardening a great way to relax and de-stress; growing herbs is easy and can be done anywhere! Have fun with it! Add small amounts to your...

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Cooking With Cancer- Root Vegetables

By trwadmin | February 27, 2022 |

Cooking With Cancer- Root Vegetables Since my diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer in August 2020, I have been experimenting with many new recipes- with foods and herbs that are healthy, nourishing and nutritious. It’s no secret that your diet is very important to your overall health so filling up on healthy...

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Gifts for Breast Cancer Patients!

By trwadmin | February 21, 2022 |

Story Time: We sent a Radiant Wrap to a cancer center in Cheyenne Wyoming to trial for their patients undergoing Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer. The center didn’t end up proceeding with Radiant Wrap but kept the Wrap just in case. Fast forward a few months and I get a...

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Lung Cancer in Women

By trwadmin | August 24, 2020 |

Breast cancer awareness and education has become more popularized and widespread in recent years, and basic knowledge about breast cancer prevention is recognized now more than ever, however, there seems to be less activism and prevalence on the topic of lung cancer- another serious form of cancer that claims the...

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In Memory of Maureen Gallagher

By trwadmin | July 3, 2019 |

A message from Maureen’s family- August 2019: I just wanted to pass on to you, and your team, the wonderful response from patients on the Wrap. To have something beautiful to wear to treatments for a diagnosis that brings fears and tears makes the journey a bit easier. The staff...

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