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Gifts for Breast Cancer Patients!

Story Time: We sent a Radiant Wrap to a cancer center in Cheyenne Wyoming to trial for their patients undergoing Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer. The center didn’t end up proceeding with Radiant Wrap but kept the Wrap just in case.
Fast forward a few months and I get a phone call from a school teacher currently undergoing radiation treatment at the same center in WY we sent a Radiant Wrap sample to.
She explained to me how normally she’s very levelheaded and not emotional, but one day she lost it! Paraphrasing she said: “It’s bad enough having to fight cancer, but you give us these hospital gowns with our back and rear ends showing; it’s so embarrassing! We deserve something better than this!”
The next day her oncologist at her Cancer Center. gifted her the Radiant Wrap we had sent to the center. She called me and told me it changed the entire experience for her. Not that she was looking forward to treatment, but it was such a nice touch to feel special, comfortable and be completely covered while going through her radiation treatments.
She proceeded to collect donations from her friends, church, and extended community to purchase 15 Wraps for the ladies at her cancer center. We of course matched her 15, so the center now has Wraps for the next 30 patients.
To help brighten the day for even one who is fighting cancer is what Radiant Wrap is all about. And her in turn, along with very special people from her community,  giving Radiant Wrap as a gift to others is the most special thing of all!
We can’t thank you enough!
As of this writing- we just got a message that her community has donated more funds! Awesome!