Learn more about our Breast Cancer Gown:

Radiant Wrap is a fashionable alternative to the hospital gown worn by Breast Cancer patients during radiation treatments

Radiant Wrap Breast Cancer Gowns

Where Fashion meets Functionality!

Our mission is to provide every woman with an extra measure of comfort, beauty and style during treatment

Women going through treatment wearing a Radiant Wrap

  • The unique wrap around design completely covers you allowing for dignity and comfort
  • Radiant Wrap empowers women to feel confident, beautiful and radiant
  • Specifically designed for easy access to back and chest areas for treatment and exams
  • Doctor and Technician Approved


We know coping with Cancer is a challenge; that’s why Radiant Wrap was created to keep a woman’s dignity, self-esteem and identity intact.

  • Radiant Wrap is a chic solution helping women go through treatment in style
  • Offered in beautiful, seasonal patterns and colors
  • Created and Designed by a Breast Cancer Patient and Survivor


Radiant Wrap is a fashionable Breast Cancer Robe helping women get through treatment with dignity and style

  • Very easy to wear, no Velcro, zippers, buttons or extraneous ties
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Each gown comes with a matching carry bag
  • One size fits up to 2XL. Plus size available (3XL-4XL).


How to Wear your Radiant Wrap