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Testimonial one 571x1024 - Testimonials “This week I’m sharing five of the most helpful things that got me through radiation. If you are patient planning treatment, consider this series of posts as a starting point for elements to consider about treatment. For those of you who may know someone to undergo treatment, think of it as a gift guide or a recommendation to pass on.

First up: hospital gowns. They’re ugly, made of scratchy cotton and can be complicated to wear. I didn’t want to look like just another patient to the staff and I made a point to wear headbands and lipstick hoping to stand out. It kind of worked, but what really made the difference is when I started wearing my @radiantwrap . Was it because I carried myself differently? Was it because I obviously looked different? I’d say both.

I started wearing it just before the last third of my treatment. I had already established a rapport with the techs, but they became even more conversational and helped me put on the wrap at the end of each treatment. Treatment is much more pleasant when you have built a connection with the staff around you!

My skin had become sensitive to the cotton gowns in the latter part of treatment and the Radiant Wrap fabric was such a relief! It was soft and cooling. It soothed my itches and had a comfy loose fit. I even wore it around the house when everything else irritated my skin.

Full disclosure: The wrap was sent to me by the company because they were looking on Instagram to help out a couple patients going through radiation. Also, they didn’t ask me to post about it.

Knowing what I do now, I would’ve paid full price. It will come in handy with procedures in the future, like my port removal at the hospital, when I have a mammogram or visit my breast surgeon.”

– Lindsey
Instagram Post

Testimonial two 1024x1019 - Testimonials “I was diagnosed December 2015 with Stage 3b Breast Cancer. After 6 months of chemo and a double mastectomy, it was time for radiation treatments. I have found a lot of encouragement and inspiration through Instagram following the journeys of other young breast cancer patients/survivors. One person in particular is Meghan Z. Meghan was about a month ahead of me in her treatments and is very honest and such an inspiration to me. She wore a beautiful Radiant Wrap for her treatments and I immediately looked into their product. As much as I loved the wraps, I debated on spending the money to buy one. My husband told me multiple times I should, but I never did. That’s when Meghan decided to start the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Radiant Wrap.” She posted on Instagram asking for anyone interested to submit their name and tell her why you deserved to receive her Wrap. With the help of my family and friends, I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive her Wrap! I felt like I had won the lottery. I started treatments wearing the ugly blue hospital gowns and was about half way through before the Wrap arrived! I LOVED the Wrap! It really does make you feel much better about the treatments. It looks great and is so comfortable. It was embroidered with “Sisterhood of the Traveling Radiant Wrap” and we also embroidered it with our name, location and date of last treatment. I received so many compliments from the other patients and staff. I’m now finished my treatments and have continued the tradition by passing the wrap on to Alyssa from Massachusetts. She will actually be starting her treatments this week.”

“Breast Cancer Survivor’s Donations Provide Warmth to Inspira Patients”
Please watch this wonderful and “inspiring” video!

– Brooke
New Jersey


Just received the wrap, love love love it!!!!!!!!! I have salmon color pants to match along with the black,
I will wear them a lot this summer (after treatment) and if anyone askes where I got it, I will surely give them your number

Deborah H.

How did you hear about us?: Wrap was given to me when I started Radiation Treatment and continues to brighten my day at the check ups since.


Thank You for making these wraps. I got mine from Adventist Health/Sonora. It is so devastating to find out you have lung cancer and have to have radiation. These wraps are just a way of getting a big "radiation hug" and because I LOVE the colors it just gives me some peace and happiness.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Sonora, CA

I had Stage III Breast Cancer and a friend referred me to you... so now another friend just got diagnosed and I'm helping her be prepared!


Cathedral City, CA

I ordered from you a few months ago and my Mom loves it!! Had to get her a second one!


Garland TX

The wraps are given to our Breast Cancer patients at the Mercy Cancer Center when they start their journey with us. The treatments are usually 5 days a week for around 6 weeks. The patients are given the gowns in a little silky bag on day one and they take them home with them each day. Many even wear them from home to the treatment Center and back. The Center is privileged to have these beautiful, bright women in many different colors moving around our passages and treatment rooms 5 days a week.

This has changed the feel of our treatment center. It has encouraged the feel of a team of women journeying together, as opposed to a single patient in a clinical setting receiving treatment. I would like to thank Maria for these special wraps. Her inspiration to make a difference for each woman on this journey reminds us, as the Navigators, how privileged we are to work with this band of strong and brave women.

Jennifer Theitz, RN

Nurse Navigator, Dignity Health, CA

Wanted to let you know we received our Radiant Wrap order. They are truly beautiful. I love the way they are packaged in their own pouches and just the extra care in wrapping them in tissue as well. We sold our first one yesterday and we have had so many people telling us how pretty they are. There are a lot of people who tell me they would just want to wear them for every day they think they’re so pretty.So thank you and I imagine I will be reordering soon!

Beth McBride

Team Leader, The Gift Box- IU Simon Cancer Center

On Super Hero Kid’s Capes: I am the charge Nurse in Radiation Oncology at MB. We have put smiles on approximately 8 kid’s faces by giving them a cape at the end of their treatment. They LOVE them!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for making these capes and reminding these kids of the Super Heroes they really are!!!

Leanne J Parsons, RN MSN

Radiation Oncology, UCSF Medical Center Mission Bay

I received a Radiant Wrap when I went through breast cancer, and it was the most useful and thoughtful gift I received.


Salem, OR

My sister just called me SO excited when she received her wrap. Tomorrow is her first day of radiation therapy and I hope she will be as pleased with this wrap as my neighbor was when I gave one to her. I am SO impressed with the level of customer service YOU provided. My sister and my niece couldn’t figure out how I was able to send this to her with a hand-written card (they said it looked like my handwriting). Thank you again for the extra level of customer service you provided that will help make a difficult situation a little bit easier.



I recently received one of your wraps as a gift from The Cancer Center. I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductile carcinoma stage 2, triple negative breast cancer. Your wrap is not only amazing. It is the most comfortable wrap I have ever worn. It actually feels good against the horrible burn from the radiation. Thank you. On another note, my 14 year old grandaughter wants one. She loves the way it looks. I have 8 of 33 treatments to go. I wish I would have know about them sooner. Please know that I will be one of your biggest fans and will tell everyone I know about this product!


Thank you so much! ???? I’m looking for two people to pass my wraps on to (I have another wrap in blue) when I’ve finished treatment mid-October. So many people at the cancer center where I’m receiving my rads have commented on how pretty the wraps are. So much better than a hospital gown! ????


Good morning from snowy & cold (-19 Celsius this morning) Sarnia, Ontario Canada! I have worn my Radiant Wrap to 2 treatments now since receiving as a gift from a long-time friend. I LOVE IT and have received MANY compliments on the wrap from the Radiation Technologists as well as other clients of the London Regional Cancer Program at Victoria Hospital, London Ontario. If you are able, you really should make these available in Canada. I have had 12 treatments now, only 9 more to go and my Radiant Wrap makes me feel great going into the final stretch! Thank you.


Sarnia, Ontario Canada

Just received out radiant wraps and would like to tell you the prints are absolutely beautiful. Great vibrant colors and patterns. Lovely. Thank you!

Loreen Eddy

Breast Health Navigator, Rutland Regional Medical Center, VT

I love my radiant wrap. It makes me feel beautiful and confident. Valdese cancer center gave me mine! Thanks so much!!


Valdese Cancer Center, Rutherford College, NC

I am an employee and a patient with breast cancer and I want to thank you so very much for developing and selling this wrap. It is delightful to feel valued as a human being and a woman during this treatment. I am grateful.


UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

I selected pink roses, my favorite. Each day when I go for my radiation therapy it makes me feel so much better than the cotton hospital gowns not cut to fit a smaller woman.

Not only beautiful and respectful, but the fabric actually makes me feel good.


I hope you like this wrap as much as I do!! I put it on at home before I leave the house for treatments. I don’t have to bother changing at the hospital into a drab hospital johnny! I just sit on the table and drop it down. When I’m done, I just pull it up and leave the hospital!!! Good Luck on your treatments.


Methuen, MA

I want to express my deepest gratitude in the development of the Radiant Wrap. I am about to begin radiation therapy and am actually looking forward to having my own gown that I know will cover my long torso. I look at this as a blessing in the road ahead. Again, thank you so very much.


Morgantown, WV

I received one of these gowns and love it. It’s well made and very comfortable to wear. Thanks Radiant Wrap for making a much needed gown for people going through radiation.

Wings of Angels

Our patients seem to love the Radiant Wraps! Great reviews!!

Curtis Prevost

Director of Radiation Oncology, St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka, CA

I’ve really loved the Radiant Wrap. It’s made it much easier to get in and out of the treatments and it gives me a sense of control when I’ve lost most of it in other areas. I’ve shared the information with the radiation techs at my treatment facility and they were very supportive of trying something new. Thanks for a great product during a difficult time.


Cancer patient

It was wonderful having you come today! Our patient looked fantastic…almost seemed to “strut” back for her was great.

Laura Likes

Queen of the Valley Hospital, Napa, CA

Thoughtful idea, beautiful fabric selection and a great design that accommodates all body types and sizes… Many of the patients say they feel more like a woman…

The fabric is very comfortable; women who have had a bad skin reaction from the radiation seem to walk more comfortably when wearing a Radiant Wrap.

The design is great. EVERY lady, big and small, has been able to put on the gown and be completely covered in the back.

Radiant Wrap is the perfect Breast Cancer gift! I bought one for my mother and it really helped her during her radiation treatments. Thank you.

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