My Inspiration!

I think the most incredible thing that I have gained through all of this is the opportunity to meet some incredible people who are dedicated to making this day to day fight all Breast Cancer patients endure just a bit more bearable.I am talking about the RN’s, the Nurse Navigators, the Therapists and the Technicians who are surrounded every day by women fighting Cancer. Since my son and I have started Radiant Wrap and began our quest to share our product with Hospitals and Cancer Centers, we have had the privelege of meeting some pretty awesome people. We spent the other day on a trip up to Northern California- in the Redding area. We met the most gracious woman, a Nurse who had been in the Breast Cancer program for 38 years. Her whole life was dedicated to providing comfort to others. When we showed her Radiant Wrap- she was so supportive and so genuinely happy that we had designed something that she felt would truely make a difference. Here is what she wrote to a fellow nurse after we left her:

My feeling is that Radiant Wrap would be an exquisite wardrobe addition for any of our female cancer patients. It is a warm sweet “semblance of normalcy” during a difficult time that I know our patients will appreciate.
I tried it on myself and thought that every woman would enjoy the soft feel of the material and would feel “less like a patient” if they were dressed in this gown.
Maria and Koray were a joy to meet and I wish this family all the best with this great product.

A few weeks ago we also had the priveledge of meeting with four Nurse navigators in Sacramento California. They were the most loving, gracious women I have ever met and they immediately saw what Radiant Wrap could do for their patients, with tears in their eyes. Here is what they have just written to be put in their Hospital Newsletter:

I met Maria and her wonderful son Koray at the Mercy Cancer Center a few months ago on a busy Wednesday morning. Maria had emailed me to ask for an introduction to the Oncology Nurse Navigators at Dignity Health. She explained she was a one year Breast Cancer survivor and that out of her experience, she had designed a unique wrap that can be used for women undergoing radiation treatment.
The wraps are given to our Breast Cancer patients at the Mercy Cancer Center when they start their journey with us. The treatments are usually 5 days a week for around 6 weeks. The patients are given the gowns in a little silky bag on day one and they take them home with them each day. Many even wear them from home to the treatment Center and back. The Center is privileged to have these beautiful, bright women in many different colors moving around our passages and treatment rooms 5 days a week.
This has changed the feel of our treatment center. It has encouraged the feel of a team of women journeying together ,as opposed to a single patient in a clinical setting receiving treatment. I would like to thank Maria for these special wraps. Her inspiration to make a difference for each woman on this journey reminds us, as the Navigators, how privileged we are to work with this band of strong and brave women.

My inspiration! No- I am inspired by all of you- selflessly giving of yourselves to help others. I hope to continue doing this and I hope to continue to be inspired by all of the wonderful people out htere who are helping women fight Breast Cancer everyday.

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